I am no better…

You’ll enjoy this post from my friend Michelle. She loves Jesus and has a great perspective – learn from her like I have!

The Main Thing

I don’t think it’s a secret that I feel quite strongly on the subject of being ethnically and culturally reconciled to one another.

At work, I co-lead a group that talks about racism. Sometimes when we are in discussion, someone will make a joke that exposes some other form of prejudice – many times the joke will come at the expense of the poor or someone of a different denomination or someone of a different gender or age than their own – as if race and ethnicity were the only areas in which we felt a temptation to feel superior to another.

Nay, my friend. Superiority is a disease. It’s a chronic, lifelong illness that plagues me and most every member of humanity daily.

I’m particularly observant and sensitive to it lately, because Jesus.

I have spent most of my adult life surrounded by people of a different ethnicity and…

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One thought on “I am no better…

  1. Thanks for sharing, I wrote a comment. On a journey….

    *Jacqueline Celum* Chief of Staff The JESUS Film Creating Life Changing Encounters with Jesus through Film for all peoples and for every person!


    [image: The JESUS Film Project]

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