Black Lives Matter :: Reflections From A White Girl @ Christmas

black lives matter

On Wednesday a group of men and women staged a protest at a local mall. They chanted and carried signs: Black Lives Matter. On cue they all fell to the ground in a clump and cried, Black Lives Matter!

All night long as I tossed and turned I heard a steady chant: Black Lives Matter.Black Lives Matter.Black Lives Matter.

What does it feel like to believe your life doesn’t matter because of the color of your skin? No wonder giant signs were painted, hoards of humans gathered, agonizing shouts were lifted. No wonder.

Tonight the protests hang along the periphery as misery and pain cuts a bloody swath across the Internet and newswire: Massacre in Pakistan – so many lives murderously, senselessly ended. Just like that.

Pakistani lives matter.

Why is it that this time of year seems to underscore the injustice in our land? Twinkle lights twinkle, jingle bells jingle, while humanity wonders, Does my life matter?

Don’t forget, and help me remember the true story of Christmas. A young mother, betrothed and yet not married, shunned yet favored, alone yet surrounded by heaven’s angels, labored and gave birth to God With Us – Immanuel.

Born in a barn, in a faraway village, God became man…because your life matters.


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