Expectation :: Whispers of Joy


Early this morning, well, relatively early, I rushed from home to a hair appointment clutching my Church History notes-for-the-final that I planned to review. 

As I trudged up the extra long flight of stairs to said hair appointment I felt the tickle of the Spirit’s whisper, “In my presence is fulness of jOy!” 

I felt stressed, harried, frenzied. I needed to buy Christmas wrap, gifts, and ribbon. If I really rushed I could get everything wrapped and boxed and shipped to family and friends before I leave on a ministry trip tomorrow. The house needed cleaning, work needed attention, and at some point during the day I HAD to take the Church History final. 

Today, I’m ashamed to admit, Christmas felt more like a bother, another task, another something that had to get done. 

“jOy to the world, the King has come!”

I sat in the stylist’s chair while the grey on my head melted away and studied Augustine, Aquinas, and Ambrose. Crammed in Spirit-filled facts about the Trinity and Christology, the canon and the gospel, I tapped my foot, wrung my hands, and started to sweat.  

“My revealed Word fills your heart with jOy.” 

I rushed to TJ Maxx for paper, bustled through the lines at Target, swiped some Starbucks gift-cards (did I just say that?) What I meant was, the Starbucks gal swiped gift-cards for me (not again!)Well, you know what I mean.

Anyway, what I’m really trying to say is, eventually I completed all of my tasks, including the final. Somewhere along the way I finally really listened – I finally heard the Spirit’s whispers of jOy in my dull-of-hearing ear, felt him kneading jOy into my hardening heart and massaging my harried soul with oil of his jOy jOy jOy.

Then, he prompted me to remind you, on this the 1st day of December, “In my presence is fulness of  PURE JOY.”

Hush………..can you hear him? 


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