I hugged the Apple guy


My phone is a permanent extension of my body. I try really hard to shake it off, lay it down, keep it out of sight, but it’s stuck. Therefore, when something goes wrong and it doesn’t work instantaneously with the swipe of a forefinger or a push of a thumb, everything in.my.entire.life! begins to unravel.

I know you know how that feels…admit it.

A few weeks ago, back when I had an, oh so passe, iPhone 4S, I encountered a recurring problem – the face of my phone (can I call it that?) magnified beyond recognition, and then froze. Even after tapping the screen with every combination of fingers and taps, powering down and re-powering up, ad nauseam, it remained frozen, warped in hugeness.

It happened on a Saturday when every other human being who owned iPhones or iPads, Macs and MacBooks had an appointment at the Genius Bar — all the way until Tuesday the following week. Desperate, I broke the sacred Apple protocol and walked into the store without said appointment hoping to find an unsuspecting genius walking the floor.

I spotted my mark in seconds. With quiet desperation written all over my face I handed him my phone with its magnified face, and said, “I’ve tried everything. Can you help?”

He, with deft expertise, tapped the screen with his two genius-like-fingers and wah-lah the screen returned to normal. “I tried that a couple of times!” I tried to hide my ignorance, agonized…then, I hugged him.

Life was as it should be.


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