How do I know it’s Him?

god's wordSo, I’ve been pondering the whole idea of listening and tuning into hear the voice of God. How do we know when He speaks? How do we know He’s listening and hears?

First, and foremost, God reveals Himself to us through the written word, and the story of redemption unfolds in Genesis with the dawn of creation. Then through the mysterious work of the Spirit, men inspired by God keep record of the history of Israel in the Old Testament, then the birth, life and death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. The 66 books of the bible make up the “canon” of scripture. Each book carefully examined and determined to contain the inspired Word of God.  

While studying in seminary I was struck, afresh, by this amazing gift God has given us in the Bible – unfathomable in depth, and yet so simple even a child can understand. God purposefully reveals himself through a mode of communication we understand – he speaks words that we comprehend, words that can be spoken in every language, and words that explain His nature and character.

Not long ago I was facilitating a discussion and a guy at the table remarked, “The Bible, to me, is an ancient book containing interesting information that has absolutely nothing to do with my daily life.” 

On the one hand, the Bible doesn’t give exact instructions on how to write a decent resume or how to change a flat, but it does contain the answer to the question, “Why?” It contains the key to wise living and the secret of enduring hope. God’s Word is exactly that…God’s Word.  He reveals himself as personal, relational, and actively involved and alive in our lives. We pray – He listens. We cry – He comforts. We seek His will – He leads and guides. We suffer – He strengthens. We experience joy – He is honored. 

If you are inclined to dismiss the relevance of the Bible, let me encourage you to test your theory. Try reading one Psalm a day for a month, or a Proverb a day. Posture yourself with humility – maybe there is something more here than meets the eye. 

If you struggle with feeling guilty and the “want to” has turned into a “have to” and you’ve lost all motivation, then, ask the Lord to help you see something more than you’re accustomed to seeing. Pray Psalm 119:18, “Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from Your Word.” 

Anticipate His presence, count on an answer, ready yourself for an encounter with the Living Word. 


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