Pomp & Circumstance

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Yesterday, as many if you know, I graduated from seminary with an MA in Christian Studies, fulfilling a dream that started to form in my heart over 20 years ago. Sitting in the midst of 150 graduates I felt, more than anything, a deep sense of gratitude. The past six weeks have been the steepest part of the climb, but walking across that stage yesterday I felt like I reached the summit. My healing wrist is a reminder that all along the way the Lord sustained and provided everything I needed.

I’m thankful for Bob for supporting me on every level…from making me lunches, cooking dinners, printing papers, listening to many a rough draft, enduring Greek grammar taped on the walls, and patiently putting up with my stressed-out self every term during finals. I’m indebted to my professors who taught me more than just “book sense” and encouraged me in my quest to understand every subject. I’m grateful for friends who prayed – often during finals or in the midst of my efforts to balance school, my job, life. I sent many a desperate text to faithful women who prayed me through my most trying days.

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My experience awakened in me a hunger for learning I, honestly, never knew existed. The first day I stepped into the seminary library I felt at home. The smell of books, the rows of the written word beckoned me to discover. I think I could live in a library! Now, two and a half years later, the thirst to learn is only greater. I do believe the Lord awakened within the love of study…and renewed my love for teaching. 

Over the next few weeks and months I plan to share some of my favorite moments and most compelling discoveries…once I get started I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop!





2 thoughts on “Pomp & Circumstance

  1. Hi Cas, it’s Monique. It feels like forever since we were in Hermeneutics together! Congratulations on graduating from SEBTS; I hope you are finally relaxing and enjoying some down time 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Job well done! Can’t wait for future posts! Know I know why your cast was in “black tie” dress code : )

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