photo (10)Painted nails – part of the image I work tirelessly to maintain. I have a routine, basecoat, polish colors, and fast-dry top coat. I prefer short nails too. By Monday my left nail polish chipped to the point of no return, and my right digits, though useless and swollen, had reached a point where I could touch them without pain. So, I removed the polish and gingerly reapplied. But, because I with my right hand I couldn’t paint the left.

So, we’re watching The Voice….

Me, “Would you be willing to paint my nails?”

Bob, “Ummm, I guess so.”

What a guy! He epitomizes encouragement and servanthood. I’ve learned so much from his example over the years, he is a picture of Jesus and the gospel to me. He’s sweet, kind, tireless, patient, loving, funny.

Today I started the day down…discouraged by the pain, frustrated by the slow pace…as the day draws to a close, I’m reminded that Jesus loves me, this I know…I see and experience His love through, well, my MANicurist.


3 thoughts on “MANicure

  1. Hats off to Bob, he is a gift God! I am thankful to hear that when you get down you are able to get perspective from the Lord Who has the complete story in view.

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