Maiden Voyage

For two weeks I’ve barely left the safe confines of my home, except to visit my doctor…

…and my colorist. Priorities.

Today, on the way to my weekly x-ray appt, we stopped at Starbucks. I actually went inside to buy our first cup of Christmas Blend. We forgot that it’s usually a two-handed transaction.

Then, after the doctor appointment, I had lunch at Jimmy John’s with some Cru colleagues. Disheveled describes how I felt. Not thinking, I ordered a tuna lettuce-wrap. Not a good choice for one-handed consumption. Balancing a cup of water, a purse, and a place to sit – awkward. 

Returned to Starbucks for a pound of Christmas Blend. starbucks

Next, I laid on the kitchen counter, with my head in the sink, while Bob washed and conditioned my hair. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. He even dried my long locks! 

By 2:30 I was exhausted. 

Early this morning we saw Dr. Alldredge. After viewing the first set of today’s x-rays, Dr. A leaned toward surgery…and even more so, he explained, if i played basketball like Michael Jordan. I asked him if presumed otherwise. Hahaha.

He ordered a second set of x-rays. As I poised my hot-pink cast encased arm for a picture I raised my eyes to the ceiling and asked the Lord for clear wisdom. Bob did the same while he waited nearby. Minutes later the doc returned and declared, “No surgery for now.” He did say it will take 6-12 months to recover completely, my wrist “won’t look the same,” and we can choose surgery later if things don’t heal properly (which he doesn’t anticipate). Then he took my swollen fingers and, for the first time in two weeks, slowly bent them toward my palm…ouch. So, until December 2, no more activity than forced bending and stretching.

So much for that basketball tourney….

God really does answer prayer. For that we are both very grateful. 

Praying for his mercy as the midwest digs out of tornado damage, and as millions of Philippinos make it through another day. 

COUNTDOWN TO GRADUATION: Almost done with my paper…it’s being edited by a friend. Just 90 minutes of Philosophy lectures left. Trying not to feel intimidated by the MAT.




One thought on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Hey my dearest friend,

    Thank you for posting your journey! I think and pray for you everyday. What a journey!! I love your humor through this too…I’m trying to picture you laying on your kitchen counter!! Talk about uncomfortable and cold!!! I love you dearest friend and please know that you are never too far from my mind!

    Hugs and much love Bincy

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