Behind the Pink Unknown

Every day, through the night, and as the next day dawns a hot pink arm stares me in the face…oh yeah, my wrist is broken.

I’m milking it for all its worth.

Beneath the hot-pink exterior of my rather heavy cast healing goes on, one day at a time, in the dark. I wish I could peer inside and make sure everything’s ok. Today my wrist hurts, the swelling inside has increased, so I’m worried something isn’t healing right and I’ll have to endure surgery.

I don’t want surgery.

When I consider that possibility it throws everything into confusion. School, finals, MAT, graduation, projects I’m responsible for with Cru. On top of those worries, I feel badly for Bob. He’s doing more than usual – happily and without complaint. Still….

Things could be worse, for sure. I’m well taken care of, no doubt. I have everything I need and more…but, I’d so rather not have surgery – Did I mention that?

Jesus said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough troubles of its own” Matt 6:34.

David wrote, “As for me, I will put my trust in You, my times are in Your hand” Psalm 31:14-15.

I can’t peer beneath the hot pink exterior, nor can I look into the future. So, I will trust…I choose to believe his hand extends grace, embraces with compassion, comforts with all-knowing strength. I will walk by faith.

Here’s a pic drawn by Caden Densmore-note the right arm is crying, “Waaaaaa.” I love kid’s art, and perspective. Thanks Caden!

photo (9)



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