Snail Mail

Since breaking my arm I’ve received three hand-drawn pictures – hand delivered along with yummy coffee cake, and two handwritten cards – lovingly delivered by the USPS. Snail mail.

There’s something extra special about getting a self-stamped card, written by a living, breathing friend with pen and ink. Long live the handwritten card!

I’m a sucker for beautiful paper, lined envelopes, and colored pens. May the Paper Store never burn down!

I’ve wanted to jot a few notes lately as I sit like a blob, but my right hand remains swollen and immobile. I’ve wondered if, when my cast is gone and my wrist returns, will my handwriting look the same? Either way I will continue to send scribbled notes to aunts, nephews, friends, and countrymen.

“Good news from far away is like water to the thirsty” (Pr. 2:25)

photo (8)


The only thing better is a new pair of shoes.



Graduation countdown: Page 23 of 25/research paper; 24 videos down, 3 to go.


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