The left-handed view of travel :: Why I LUV Southwest Airlines

swa picI am a frequent traveler. In fact, I rather enjoy boarding a plane and taking off for the next adventure. No, I don’t like everything about travel – security checks, while totally understandable, make the beginning and end of a trip exhausting. Most airport restrooms could use some major attention. And, those teeny bags of peanuts are not enough to sustain even me!

Due to my mishap I’ve had to cancel several flights, which reminded me WHY I LUV SOUTHWEST AIRLINES! Here are my top ten reasons – (no, I am not getting paid for this stellar endorsement):

10. The gate guys are ALWAYS funny, kind, and bend-over-backward helpful. I once listened as an agent announced updates for a delayed flight, and within 20 minutes he had re-booked or re-routed every passenger…because, he exclaimed, “I love you guys, I really do!”

9. SWA prices are always competitive, and often cheaper.

8. The flight attendants are mostly happy, helpful, and friendly. I’ve noticed a huge difference between SWA and other airline attendants. My dear friend Malia O’Keefe flies for SWA and she’s a shining example of the quality of their people.

7. Although legroom leaves something to be desired (even for my 5’4″ body), my roller bag always fits neatly under the seat in front of me.

6. I love the cheddar crackers they serve on longer flights – addictive.

5. They’re offering free computer TV – really nice after a long week of meetings.

4. They’ve expanded their territory – the Caribbean sounds like a GREAT place to spend my free miles and recover from wrist surgery – don’t you agree?

3. According to my experience SWA is ON TIME or EARLY 95% of the time – which says a LOT for the company.


2. They don’t charge for baggage!

And, finally, drum roll please….

1. I can cancel (or change) a flight with the click of my left index finger and, without penalty, the funds are saved for future use. Who can ask for more?


3 thoughts on “The left-handed view of travel :: Why I LUV Southwest Airlines

  1. My brother’s son, Larry, flies for Southwest Airlines and he has always been kind, sweet and amazingly witty. He loves the company. His last job was flying F-14s for the Navy.

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