Live Dead :: In Community


One of the unexpected highlights of my summer of living dead was “Tuesdays at 7:00.” Three long-time, and very dear, and two delightful new friends and I gathered together to talk about Jesus, the Word, and the general stuff of life we all were facing in the moment. No pretense, just raw life lived together for a few short hours and four fleeting weeks.

One friend had just lost her sweet mother, another was enjoying a summer of peace and quiet after several years of challenge and pain, while another struggled with school issues facing her oldest son, yet another wrestled with the challenges of raising a teen, and while I – well you already know what I moaned about.

Together we looked at passages that describe Jesus – His supremacy, humility, and authority. Mostly we marveled at his grace and the power of the gospel. Tears slid down cheeks, arms hugged necks, hearts ached in understanding, as our Spirit-created community embraced and celebrated the process of “living dead” together.

The Lord provides gospel family to bear up under the load together. We don’t Live Dead in isolation, but “by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in Spirit and intent on one purpose we learn to do nothing by selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind we consider one another as more important than ourselves” (Phil 2:1-4 – my paraphrase).


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