Conversations in the Gospel of John :: What did you learn?

I stepped outside this morning and something about the sky, the air, the smell told me “Fall is coming.” I glanced over the past few months of posts on the Gospel of John and realized nearly two months have gone by since we started our Conversations in the Gospel of John. But, lest we think summer is over, let’s take a deep breath and repeat, over and over again, “It’s only August 5th, it’s only August 5th.”


My blog stats say a good number of you faithfully followed these summer posts, and my guest bloggers and I would so love to hear from you! I’m going to include a quick survey for you to provide some feedback. Click on this link and you’ll find a quick survey <scriptrc=””&gt; </script>=””&gt;

Today I’m wrapping up our Conversations in the Gospel of John. For the rest of the month I’m going to cover a variety of topics, beginning with “Live Dead :: What I learned during my summer in Colorado” followed by “How Kira helped trim my muffin top;” and “Staying in Fashion :: How far can I push style boundaries?” along with, “I applied for a PhD, say what??” and various other pithy topics.

Also, I want to apologize. I started making a list of all the descriptions of Jesus for the Gospel of John, then got way too busy with my job, and dropped the ball. So, here is a complete list…you’ll find that Jesus used these descriptions of himself all throughout the book. Let me encourage you to keep reading John. If you haven’t made it all the way through, use the list below to help give you context.

1: The Word

2: The Creator

3: The Savior

4: The Water of Life

5: The Judge

6: The Bread of Life

7: The Water of Life (teaches us about the Spirit for the first time)

8: The Light of the World

9: The Light of the World

10: The Good Shepherd

11: The Resurrection and the Life

12: The Soon and Coming King

13: The Servant

14: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

15: The Vine

16: The Coming One

17: The High Priest

18: The Faithful One

19: The Faithful One

20: The Victorious One

21: The Great Shepherd


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