Conversations in the Gospel of John :: The Bread of Life

We’ve looked at The Word, The Creator, The Savior, The Water of Life, and this week my dear friend Jan will introduce you to thoughts on Jesus, the Bread of Life, from chapter six. Jan is a kindred spirit – enjoy her posts!



“Where shall we buy bread?” (John 6:5)

Why would Jesus test Philip with this question? He knew where the provision would come from, but he wanted to expose Philip’s heart. Philip’s response is “How will we buy enough bread to feed this many?” Not, “where”? “How”?

I am so like Philip. Feeding my family of five pushes me to my sane limits! Jesus, of course, knows where the bread will come from, but he is challenging Philip to look beyond the immediate physical need of this mass of people to the physical and spiritual provision that Jesus (who is fully God) has come to provide! Jesus is about to miraculously feed five thousand men (does this count even include the women and children?). The need was disproportionate to the resources. Jesus knew this and he was able to provide.

To be truthful, my anxiety rises every time that I know my husband’s paycheck has been deposited into our bank account. This means I must sit down and pay bills and really look at our expenses for the following month. I dread it like I did studying for an exam when I was in college. Will there be enough to pay all our monthly bills? What unforeseen expenses are lurking ahead of us this month? Will we have enough to buy food? Will there be any extra to help someone else in need? How will we make it? I close my eyes. I sigh. I lift my hands to him and faith begins to rise among the cluster of doubts.

What do my basic physical needs and my extensive spiritual needs point to deep within my soul? I desperately need Jesus. Do you?

“My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19


One thought on “Conversations in the Gospel of John :: The Bread of Life

  1. Love this. Needed to read this today (although it’s about a month after you wrote it) 🙂

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