Summer Conversations in the Gospel of John


Our bags are all packed and we’re ready to fly to Colorado where we’ve spent almost half of our 31 anniversaries with college students or Cru staff friends in the dorms or low-budget student housing. For the first four weeks we’re there with several hundred other staff and students attending some aspect of the School of Leadership, and we’ll be joined by 1000’s more mid-July for our bi-annual conference. 

While I look forward to the summer and chatting with all kinds of friends and acquaintances  nearly every single day for 41 days, I approach the next six weeks with some degree of hesitancy. I don’t want the days to slip away and miss opportunities to meet with the Lord. I want to hear his voice, to watch him work, to reflect and respond. I know myself pretty well, and I’m afraid I’ll let time slip away into that summertime place. 

What about you? Do you struggle setting aside time for Him in the summer like I do? In an effort to help myself…and some of you…some friends of mine and I would like to invite you to pull up your beach chair and join us in a conversation that will take us through the Gospel of John – and to the end of July. Maybe we can encourage each other to press close and lean into Jesus this summer. 

Each week we’re going to eavesdrop on different conversations between Jesus and ordinary men and women he encountered along the way to the cross. It’s interesting to note that none are chance encounters, and all are deeply intimate and personal. 

We will blog four times a week – each Monday I’ll introduce the conversation, and for three days following we will engage you in the task of observation.

So, between now and Wednesday read the first chapter of the Gospel of John. For starters pay particular attention to 1:1-4; 14; 18. John, in a most profound way, is introducing you to Jesus – The Creator. 


3 thoughts on “Summer Conversations in the Gospel of John

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I will try to journey through John with u. Already at csu, hopefully we’ll see each other some time this summer.

  2. Somehow the summer study skipped my mind…but I am thrilled to have found your posts today. I am reaching for my Bible now! Thank you for sharing this study.

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