Gains & Losses

Flight Schedule at Airport

Since August I’ve traveled to Orlando at least five times, NYC three times, Austin and Chicago twice, Portland, Denver, L.A., and Kansas City.  I’ve lost, left behind, forgotten, misplaced countless items along the way. Pens, reading glasses, hair clips, scarves, hairspray, a bottle of my favorite perfume, a sweater, a $20 bill, and to my utter dismay, a bottle of Laura Mercier foundation (which said $20 bill could’ve helped to replace). My friend Liz, in Oregon, introduced me to Laura Mercier in October (the make-up not the person). Now I’m hooked…and lost without my foundation.

I digress.

My little stuff-of-life is scattered across the country, lost in the abyss between the tightly place airline seats; overlooked amid the tiny travel items on one of the numerous bathroom counters; missed in the packing ritual – hung and forlorn – on some cheap plastic hanger. The Laura Mercier foundation is probably still standing tall (and 1/2 full), hidden behind the slanted but ever-so-schnazzy washbowl on the tiniest countertop I’ve ever seen. I hope whoever finds it knows how expensive it was!

All in all it was, really, just stuff. Replaceable and utterly unimportant in the grand scheme.

Upon reflection, however (and a little kick-myself-in-the rear remorse) I’ve realized the gains far outweigh the losses. I’ve gained a LOT of air miles, falling just short of the coveted A-List.

I’ve gained a greater appreciation for humanity as I’ve listened and learned from men and women passionate about the abolition of sex-trafficking (, providing healthy food for low-income families,  seeing the end of foster care in Kansas City because every child waiting for an adoptive home finds one; a growing appreciation for creativity – Fine Art, Music, Writing, Beauty (; providing computers for kids; praying for the theater community; bringing hope to AIDS sufferers. I could go on and on describing the ways in which kingdom citizens are bringing a breath of fresh air into the nooks and crannies of America’s great cities.

I’ve gained an ever-deepening sense of wonder at the myriad of ways in which God shows up in the fray. He reaches into what appears mundane and brings redemption. He infuses hope into dark crevices. He is alive and at work in marvelous and sometimes unimaginable ways.

Over the past nine months, somewhere over Houston, I lost a sense of the ordinary and gained an eye, and an appetite, for the extraordinary.



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