“It Is What It Is” :: Cabbie Wisdom Chicago-style


This morning my colleague Karen and I rode into the city in slow motion. Our cabbie was brand new, not at all familiar with his turf, and got turned around twice on our way into the city on this his third week on the job. He was sorry and took $5.00 off the fare…after he dropped us off under the city streets to fend for ourselves.

We must’ve looked destitute because a homeless guy hollered at us and pointed the way out of the parking-lot jungle. We ascended slippery metal stairs and wound our way to the NBC Tower. My friend Jan scored us office space where Karen and I HR’d ourselves to death for most of the day. Mid-afternoon Jan treated us to a fun tour of NBC Chicago – Channel 5. We stood next to Steve Harvey’s stage and Judge Mathis’s bench, browsed Channel 5 and Telemundo news sets, and marveled at the technological complexity of the world of broadcasting. We also caught a glimpse of Kevin Tibbles. 


By 4:30 Karen and I were brain-dead and desperate for a coffee. Moments later, with Starbucks in hand (I can sniff out a Starbucks wherever I go)  we searched the streets for a cab and ended up with John – a 15 year veteran and a native Chicagoan – complete with accent. He drives a “medallion cab”, which means a lot more than we realized, partners in business with an 81 year old mason-turned-cab-driver, loves the new Pope because of his commitment to the poor, and has a perfect record as a cab driver. 

His philosophy, learned on the streets driving around with his cop-uncle, is to deal honestly with people so that at the end of the day you can sleep in peace. “No job is perfect, if you do something long enough crazy stuff is going to happen! Whad’re ya gonna do? It is what it is.

I couldn’t agree more. 




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