microdermabrasion, cookies, going google

After a three hour conference call (yes, 1.2.3. hours), I tidied myself and headed to the dermatologist. I don’t go often, but when I do I’m always a bit tentative. This fair-skinned and freckled body has seen more than its fair share of sunburn and blisters. Nobody but Mwa is to blame. When I was twelve I sat myself squarely in front, and just inches away from a sun-lamp for about 20 minutes. The result wasn’t pretty. I’ll spare you the details of my many other attempts to “tan” that ended up blistered.

Today, fortunately (and miraculously I might add) I received an “all clear” from the doctor. While I waited for Esheryl to update my information, I chatted with her about her job and the monthly perk of a microdermabrasion facial. She gushed, “It takes pounds of dead, dry skin off of your face!” I could tell – she looked fabulous.

They’re offering a two-for-one microdermabrasion this month. I could afford to lose some wrinkles, dry skin, freckles-turned-to-age-spots. I’m going to ask Bob for an allowance raise.

On my way home I learned about the “Cookie Monster” – a guy who got caught with his hand in the Girl Scout cookie jar. He stole 350 boxes of Shortbread and Thin Mints. Shame on him.

I got to thinking – if I was a thief I’d steal Thin Mints too. I’m just sayin’….

To top off my day I spent 90 minutes attending a webinar. Cru is going google. Our IT guys have been tasked with training us how to “migrate” from our current email system to google. Darrin Holland did a great job navigating a group of us through google apps – IMHO it’s all pretty cool.

But, change is never easy.

Imagine several thousand men and women, ranging in age from 22-82, with a whole variety of technological skills. Some use rotary dial while others are bored with the latest Smart Phone. Like me some of us use Entourage, while many others are comfortable with Outlook. A fair amount of us send mail through Yahoo or Hotmail, and yes, there are a faithful few who are still found @juno.com.

Change is a lot like microdermabrasion. The process is not all that pleasant. The outcome: OUTSTANDING.

Come Monday morning when the majority of us awake to a totally different inbox and calendar we might be tempted to frantically tap (or some of us might dial) 911 and scream, “I’ve been robbed!”

Instead maybe we should try google hang-out with the “Cookie Monster”and find out where he hid the Thin Mints.


2 thoughts on “microdermabrasion, cookies, going google

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Let me know how the dermabrasion goes if u do it. I just got my Girl Scout cookies delivered today & yes there is a box of Thin Mints amongst the 3 I ordered. Love them out of the frig.
    Good luck w the IT changes. You’ll adapt quickly I’m sure. Just got back from Hawaii for 2 wks. One wk Big Island & 1wk Maui. Fun β˜€πŸŒ΄πŸ„πŸπŸ˜Ž

  2. I feel as if running through mud as I work through Google “stuff”. It is one thing to check and respond to messages but change an appt. to a group of 10 to another hour didn’t go well. The good news is, if anything doesn’t work we can just give grace and chalk it up to Google! πŸ™‚

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