Non-stop to RDU

As Bob and I dragged ourselves to Gate 29 in the Denver Airport, he said in a weary voice, “Remember when we used to think travel was so glamorous?”

Stripping down to the bare minimum through security, I put my hands above my head as the full-body scan, now a normal part of travel, scanned my tired body. I was stopped while security examined the bobby pins in my smallthingsblog messy bun.

I just visited the Ladies Room one last time before boarding our flight, and sighed as I flushed the toilet before I used it…. Then I dared to glance at my grey tinted face in the not very friendly mirror. Travel is aging I’m convinced.

What brought us to Denver is God’s vision for cities all around the globe. Millions of weary, hassled people who don’t know Jesus like I do. It’s all worth it.



One thought on “Non-stop to RDU

  1. It is a “different” way of suffering for the sake of the Gospel I suppose. The Lord can and will multiply the efforts because He is amazing like that.

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