Guest Post :: Samantha Holland – “What Are You Doing Jesus?”

I first met Samantha in the WSU Student Center in Pullman, WA eight years ago – if I remember correctly, she was pregnant with her first child at the time. I was drawn to Samantha by her passionate way of looking at life. A lot of things have changed in both of our lives over the past eight years. Today she has three children and lives in Portland, Oregon. She’s still passionate and rocks some great red lipstick too. Enjoy her post – I sure did. You can read more from Samantha at –

Consider me master of nothing, dabbler in practically everything. Except sports.

I’m intrigued with pop culture, and write about it over here.

Most importantly, I’m a sinner loved and forgiven by Jesus Christ, which is a good thing since I’m about as far from perfect as you can get.

what are you doing, Jesus?

I’m smack dab in the middle of a study on the Gospel of John, and I’ve noticed a few verses that make me wonder…what are you doing, Jesus?

For instance: In chapter 8, during a confrontation with some Jewish religious leaders, Jesus reaches down and writes something in the sand with his finger. Two separate times.

Puzzled, I turned to my husband after reading this and asked him, “Darren, what did Jesus write in the sand with his finger? Twice?” Darren simply shrugged, which always alarms me because, well, he knows a lot.

Turns out I was asking the wrong question to begin with. It doesn’t matter what Jesus wrote in the sand, or John would have recorded it; the real question is why would Jesus do such a thing? I discovered later that Jesus most likely wrote in the sand with His finger so that witnesses–as well as us reading 2000 years later–would remember the one other time in scripture that someone wrote on something with his finger.

Do you remember the passage? I didn’t either, but back in Exodus 31, God himself wrote the ten commandments with his finger, on stones. So Jesus writing in the sand with his finger symbolized to the Pharisees (and to us reading today) “I’m God. I wrote the law. I AM.” The Pharisees had brought an “adulterous” woman to Jesus to try and trap him into breaking the law by either condemning her/setting her free, and instead of addressing their issue, Jesus answers the question they should have been asking: “are you really God?”

From time to time in my own life, I’ve wondered, Jesus…what are you doing?

When weird or difficult things are happening. When circumstances don’t make sense. When God seems quiet or even AWOL.

Time and again, I find he’s writing the same lesson in the sand for me that he wrote for the Pharisees, and it isn’t what he’s writing at all. It’s that He’s trying to life my eyes off myself to look at God. He answers every question and concern with “I AM.”

Jesus spent much of His time on earth pointing to God the Father and equating himself with him. In John chapter 9, shortly following the sand writing incident, Jesus and his disciples pass a blind man on their way out of the temple, causing his disciples to ask him, “Jesus, whose fault is it that this man is blind, his own fault or his parents’?” Once again–like I often do–they are asking the wrong question. Jesus answers that it’s not about the blind man or his parents sinning, but about the glory of God. Then he spits in the dirt to make mud, puts the mud on the blind man’s eyes and restores his sight, reminiscent of creator God picking up dirt and forming mankind.

Essentially, Jesus is always saying, “It’s not about you. It’s about God. And by the way, I’m Him. Oh, and I love you.”

The Pharisees could not get over themselves and their tradition of legalism and simply accept Jesus as God. Can I get over myself enough to accept God’s answer, in all situations? Is “I AM” enough for me?


2 thoughts on “Guest Post :: Samantha Holland – “What Are You Doing Jesus?”

  1. Thank you, Samantha! This passage has always been a puzzle to me. I like the thought to remind them of God giving the Law to Moses since the Pharisees were so focused on the Law. Perhaps, too, they would be reminded of Daniel 5 where the hand of God wrote on the wall to tell King Belshazzar he was being judged for his pride.

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