Without a Voice

For the past two days I have been without a voice. Literally. I open my mouth to speak and barely a whisper floats out. I attended a virtual meeting by video today. Even though my face showed up on the screen, my opinion wasn’t heard because I had no voice – there was no sound coming forth from my throat. My lips formed words, but nobody noticed. I also listened in on a conference call. I sent a text to my director to tell him I would take notes, but because I had no voice I could contribute nothing more.It’s a powerless feeling – to be present but not represented. (No offense intended for those who attended those meetings with me at all.)

A little earlier this evening I said to Bob, “Thank you for the beautiful pink rose you got me for Valentine’s Day” but the sentiment was lost in the space between my whisper and his ear.

All this voicelessness got me thinking…What would it be like to not have a voice – I mean really NOT.HAVE.A.VOICE. Like little girls who are sold into sex and slavery? Like millions of babies aborted before they see the light of day? Like those suffering in Syria, living in border tent-towns mourning the loss of their homes blown to smithereens? Like starving and homeless men, women, and children? Their lips form words, but they have no voice.

I listened to a Baptist History lecture tonight (romantic, huh?) on William Carey. He was hugely influential as a missionary to India (and in many other areas of missions as well) in the late 18th Century. He fought for the rights of widows who, because of Hinduism, were burned on the funeral pyres of their deceased husbands. He gave those women a voice.

Many of you fight to give the little girls, unborn babies, war-torn families, the unwanted and homeless a voice. God uses you to cry out on their behalf. I wonder, whose voice am I meant to hear?

I’m also reminded, as I consider William Carey and other people God has used,  that there’s one who sees and hears, loves and shows compassion in incomprehensible ways. One who suffered more than any other, one whose love is so high and wide, so deep and strong that words cannot adequately describe this Love that knows no bounds. You see we are all helpless and hopeless apart from the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.




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