Being a Girl, Taking and Exam, and Sweet Victory

I’ve been in a Spiritual Warfare class this week – man what a battle!

I ate six very large, very chocolatey chocolate covered almonds tonight. Way too many. I feel sick.

Then, moments ago, I took a break from cramming for tomorrow’s exam to IRON my blouse. What??? I took it out of the closet, tossed it on the chair and muttered, “There’s no way I’m ironing this.” Then promptly picked it up and ironed it. I ask you, “Who is going to care?!” Sigh. Somehow I will feel better knowing I’m creaseless. Even though said blouse will be hidden UNDER my extra-heavy sweater because the classroom’s temperature is about 30 below zero. Why do I pay those extra campus fees? Hmm.

Now I’m blogging…I haven’t been inspired for days, and now, NOW? It’s 11:27 and I have a test to take at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

While I’m here I might as well tell you that the topic under review – warfare and demons – is a serious one. Not so much because the subject is scary, but because it is a real, live battle being waged right now – in the heavenlies, in the hearts of not-yet-believers, and in my life and yours.

We were reminded, every day this week, that the Bible is not about the Devil or even the battle, so much as it is about God, His Kingdom, and His triumph over sin and death. My favorite part of the class was today when we read aloud, all around the classroom, the beautiful truths that reminded us that Jesus paid the price for each one of us, therefore, nothing can separate us from God’s love – neither tribulation, nor distress, not nakedness or peril or sword, neither death nor life nor any other created thing – nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from Him. He chose us. We are holy and blameless before Him. Even when the flaming missile of unbelief whizzes past your ear, or the fiery dart of ugliness or timidity, lust or temptation, hatred or doubt zings into your gut the TRUTH douses the flame…

So, ready or not for the exam, I’ve GOT.TO.GO.TO.BED. At least I’ll be dressed for it – ironed and ready to rock and roll.


One thought on “Being a Girl, Taking and Exam, and Sweet Victory

  1. I will be praying for u tmr morning during ur test Cas. For sure you’ll look good. He’s with u all the way. Miss u

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