Home Decorating for the Insecurely Secure :: Closet Office

Bob finally had enough of rolling over onto forgotten pens and discarded reading glasses – our bed, which functioned as my study space, reading room, and office was being taken over by stacks of textbooks, piles of rough drafts, un-filed meeting notes, and receipts. So, he suggested we turn one of the guest-room closets into an office. I loved the idea.

I started by wandering around Pinterest to get some creative ideas, and found many. I chronicled the process here to show you how I created an office in my closet for $158.00.

I started by emptying the closet.

We bought the table at The Container Store, which was on sale for $99.99.

One of the most fun creations was a colorful bulletin board I made out of the table-top box and sparkly wrapping paper, which cost $8.99. I used two sheets of the paper and taped it with packing tape. I glued the two sheets together on the front and the seam barely shows. This took me about 15 minutes…I love creations that take little time (and very little skill) the most.


I also bought three colorful boxes for about $30 (one was on clearance because of barely noticeable damage). Everything else I found around the house. Outdoor lights, baskets, photos. Here’s how the shelves looked after I replaced the boxes, along with the desk, and under-desk storage.


Wah-lah! Here’s my new closet office. Almost all of my books are out of the bedroom, every pen and highlighter has been removed from under the blankets (as Bob sighs with relief), and every receipt and meeting note has found a new home. The crayon portrait was drawn by my friend Lauren Stewman when she was about 10. I love having a place to put Christmas pics from friends and family too. I still have space to put more too.


Here’s storage under the desk – there’s enough room for me to sit and work on my computer, while at the same time there’s space to store books and files. Notice the little teddy? Bob’s first gift to me for my 20th birthday.


I’m looking for a whimsical lamp and a fun chair to add to the mix. Overall, I’m happy and so is Bob.

There you have it – decorating by and for the insecurely secure. Happy New Year!


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