‘Tis the Season


Since August I’ve been taking New Testament I & II – a survey of the 27 books of the New Testament. I took my second of two final exams today, and I’m relieved to be finished. Taking quizzes, writing papers, and reading, reading, reading looks a lot different in the midst of traveling.  I lost flash-cards on a flight to NYC, and spent a weekend in Chicago writing a paper on I Peter 1, and experienced the reality of spotty hotel internet as I took online quizzes. BUT…I loved every minute of studying (crazy, right?).

I cannot tell you how much I’ve grown to appreciate the amazing Word of God.

Now that I’m finished with classes for the term I’ve taken a deep breath, pulled out the Christmas boxes, turned on holiday music, and started to ponder what I’ve learned this fall. Most significantly, I’ve been reminded that the miraculous birth of Jesus was the culmination of the plan of salvation God put into motion all the way back in the beginning. I’m humbled by the fact that God Himself would come to earth, born miraculously of a virgin, and brought into the world in a most natural (and quite human) way. He became flesh, not simply to give us something to celebrate every  year, but in order to grow up and die – to pay the penalty for sin. He knew all along His journey would lead to the cross.

From a humble beginning to a horrible and cursed ending. However, He didn’t remain in the grave – He rose from the dead giving us the gift of forgiveness, hope, eternal life. No wonder we sing about “good tidings, comfort, and joy!”

Joy to the world – the Lord has come!


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Congratulations, Cas! And I love hearing bits and pieces of your seminary experience! How much longer until you graduate? Can’t remember which degree you are pursuing? I pray you have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy some rest.

    • Hi Mel!
      I have another year and then I might pursue a PhD -there’s an “Applied Theology Applied Missiology” degree the seminary offers for people in full-time ministry. So, I’m going to aim for that, but will finish with an MA probably by next May. You’d love it. 🙂 How are you? I’d love to catch up.

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