Home Decor for the Insecurely Secure

For the past three years I’ve wanted to recover my dining room chairs. I was SO tired of the fabric I chose some 15 years ago, but at the same time was afraid to make a change for fear it would look terrible. I know what I like, but I’m not very sure of myself, and I have the proverbial problem —  champagne taste on a beer budget. An added issue for me – once I start a project I want to finish it right now, which often gets me into big trouble.

Determined to accomplish my goal – this summer – I begin to examine the colors in the living-room, dining room, kitchen. I have lots of red, some gold and green, and a fair amount of black. A major focal point is a beautiful black rug in the living room.





It seems to me that black, at least in my home, provides a strong but understated base, and if I use fabric with black it could tie the whole room together.

I’m pretty pleased with myself at this point.

So, I venture over to JoAnn’s fabric. Generally upon entering a fabric store my eyes go cross-eyed, everything goes blurry, and I can’t breathe. I feel like all of the Fabric Ladies immediately smell my inexperience – they know I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I feel desperate for a cup of coffee…but, I press on. I know exactly what I’m looking for. So, I head to the upholstery section, and find everything on sale for 50% off!  Even though there aren’t a lot of black patterned fabrics to choose from, a black/off-white, nicely designed, roll catches my eye.

I’m impulsive by nature. I generally know what I want and I go for it. But, I restrain myself long enough to do a loop around the store just to make sure I’m not missing something. Insecurely secure, I flop the big roll down on the table for measurement and cutting. Thanks to Google I have a pretty good idea how much fabric I need, but I confirm my calculations with Fabric Lady. She asks a few questions for which I have feeble answers. Then, she zips her extra sharp scissors across the material. Note to self: Fabric Lady’s scissors are a lot smoother and more effective than my Cutco kitchen snippers.

On a mission, I hurry home determined to accomplish my task before the vision fades. I use the old chair covers as a pattern. With Cutco scissors and staple gun in hand I recover my chairs in less than three hours.

I really like how they turned out. I’m going to use black for curtain panels too…but I’m not going to make those myself. 😉


5 thoughts on “Home Decor for the Insecurely Secure

  1. I really want to recover mine as well, but it seems that my seats are attached permanently:(! Yours look so great!!

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