Ebb & Flo


Most often I blog because I need the practice. Sometimes I’m seriously inspired. Other times, after I’ve read friend’s daily (DAILY!) posts, I feel lame and wonder how they do it, and end up forcing my fingers to type. Lately – I’ve hit the wall. I have absolutely nothing of interest to say.

Then I received a WordPress email about the Ebb and Flow of writing…

So, I started to wonder…how are Ebb and Flo really doing?

We all know Ebb is one of those guys who hangs back, hugs the side of the room, and always avoids anything mainstream. I don’t know if you knew, but he suffers from acid reflux, which some believe has caused his relationship with Flo to seriously deteriorate. His receding hairline doesn’t help, and neither does his shallow sense of humor.

Flo, on the other hand, is always aflutter. She’s constantly gushing about something, and claims that Ebb’s laid back attitude is really making a difference in her life. Flo is one of those women who knows where she’s going. She’s all about circulating and has learned to carry a conversation with great confidence, but it’s common knowledge that on a more personal level – she’s hard to catch up with. Flo has such a tendency to spout off, which tends to push Ebb off the edge, and can I just say, her non-stop stream of  nonsensical gab seriously irritates his uncomfy tummy.

So, I guess it’s hard to say where they stand. Flo claims that she loves how Ebb never stands in her way, but their friends are concerned. Ebb and Flo can’t seem to connect.


One thought on “Ebb & Flo

  1. I always love reading your blog Cas! I know, it’s so hard to write sometimes! Whenever I read your blog I’m always inspiried to write, so that you, and keep it up!

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