What I learned today in Greek…

So, it’s the “J-Term” and in three weeks I’ll finish the equivalent of a semester’s worth of Greek…I hope. My brain and my body is revolting against a full day of studying…it liked doing very little for three weeks.

So, among a bunch of other stuff that I’m momentarily avoiding, I learned today a more accurate translation of John 3:16: “For God loved the world in such a way that He gave His only begotten Son….” The emphasis being not so much on God’s love for the world but rather on the gift of His Son. Of course my ability to translate Greek into English is less probably less than kindergarten level, so I’m grateful for my prof who’s a pro. He shares all kinds of cool stuff like this with us. Motivates me to plug along.

Such discoveries make finger cramps and brain fatigue worth it.


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