A Clean Slate


It’s almost a new year. I’ve always liked starting fresh, starting over, starting anew. There’s nothing quite like a clean slate.

This year I’m going to embrace where God has me – I wear myself out when I compare , I twist my stomach into knots when I strive, strive, strive, and I drive myself insane because I fall short of lofty goals.

So, upon reflection, I’m deciding right here and right now – this year will be different!

I don’t want to miss those little moments when God whispers in my (nearly deaf) ear. I want to hear His voice. I’m more and more convinced than ever that it’s loudest in the written form. Oh may His Word be like honey to my lips – savored and swished, tasted and enjoyed, then swallowed in such a way that changes me from the inside out.

2012 marks 30 years of marriage. So, I want to make this a year of 1000 thank yous. I owe at least that many to Bob for being more than a perfect husband, and 1000 more to the Lord for knowing how perfectly suited we’d be. Marriage is a mysterious thing and so worth preserving – I’m going to treasure mine this year. 

I am determined to exercise regularly – without pulling a muscle or breaking my neck.

I hope to write something meaningful, and see my hair grow three more inches.

I plan to do produce something lasting to give to my niece for her graduation, and frame a cherry pie recipe written by my mom. I miss my mom.

By this time next year, then on the cusp of 2013, I hope to be half-way through seminary and a whole lot smarter, even though the first three weeks of 2012 include intensive Greek, which may do me in. I want to persevere through the next three weeks, and the 49 that follow, with grace and patience, discipline and balance, joy and laughter, and straight A’s. 🙂 

Yet, even as I type these words and make these plans and set these goals, I’m so very well aware of the fact that I have no idea what tomorrow holds – let alone even one of the next 365 days. So, by faith I wipe the slate clean and begin anew.

And just so you know…we just received a text from our favorite young friends, “We need you at our New Year’s Eve party!” So, maybe we’ll throw convention to the wind and change from our pj’s back into our jeans and end one year and start the other with a party.




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