On Losing Focus During Finals Week

Twas two nights before the final and all through my head danced genres and movements and all the stuff that we read. The flashcards were filled to the edges with care, in hopes that our efforts would bring a big “A” to bear. The Law and the gospels we attacked with great flair, while at times it was at the ceiling we stared.

When all was nearly lost and our brains almost blast, it was Katy K who reminded us that assonance was last. We studied and learned with gladness and glee that 1+2=3, as does repetition plus terseness = inten-sit-ee.

When Lucy did snore and the couch it did rattle, we learned that concrete was more than just spattle. To epistles, prophecy and kingdom we now must attend, but it’s really upon His wisdom we must depend.

 We strain and we listen for Scripture’s great song, and for Southpoint and Nordstrom we secretly long. With exegesis and interpretation loud in my head it’s with our great King in my heart I scurry to bed.


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