Hurry Up & Wait

I tap my fingers, jiggle my legs, flit my thoughts from one topic to the next. Mental rest is elusive while I wait.

I’ve applied for seminary classes, yes, I’m going to shoot for a Masters. So I’ve had friends send in references, asked my doctor to sign a “proof of immunization” form, and now must wait for blood test results that will prove I’ve been vaccinated for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. (I had mumps in the fifth grade. Must’ve been before the first rotten shot.)

The seminary waits for my $30 fee and official transcripts to arrive. The University of Utah probably archived my mediocre grades in a “cold case” style box in a dark basement 30 years ago. I’m surprised they could find them!

While I wait for the official decision I wonder what it’s like to go to grad school in the 21st century. Does one carry books in a bag or is there an APP for that? I have to wait to find out.

This week, after a two year search, we found a condo we’d like to consider purchasing. The price is right and yet, we have to wait for some information before we can take the next step. If we go ahead with the purchase we can’t make the move for a few months…more waiting.

Life is one long wait. We aim for milestones, put one foot in front of the other, and hold on tight as we edge along the rim and dangle above the unknown. We inch along by faith and all along the way He is present. He reveals Himself in the shadows and reassures us along the way. Let’s not miss what He has in store because we’re too busy waiting!


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