293 : Thru A Dirty Window – Oh to be a kid again!

I spent most of the day working in our Ram’s Village living room with our window open (one of the things I love about Colorado). All morning as I worked I could hear children outside – one little guy fell and hurt himself and cried that kind of cry; another (maybe the same one) was having a hard morning…he cried that “I’m really mad, pay attention to me, I want my way” cry.

As our neighbor walked out the door today he said to one of his boys, “I love you buddy.” So sweet.

Yesterday, as I worked on emails, I heard a little girl crying, “Maaaaaammmmaaa! Maaaaaammmmaa! Maaaammmaaa!” The cry became increasingly distressful. I was sure her mom was out there, but I thought I should check just in case. On the sidewalk outside sat an adorable blonde little angel, her blue eyes filled with tears, on her pink plastic tricycle. A slight look of terror passed across her face as I walked toward her (I was a stranger)…I asked her where her mommy was and if I could help her. She pointed out into nothingness and eased herself off the curb and onto the parking lot. I knew this wasn’t good. Fortunately, within seconds her mom was right there, she’d been there the whole time, and been trying to help her little girl find her way back home along the sidewalk. It was the longer, but safer route back to safety. Hmm. Sound familiar?

Last week after one of the torrential downpours the parking lot became like a lake. It was a child’s paradise. At one point I think there had to be 20 kids flying through the water on their bikes, trikes, scooters, and joy-sticks. It was a moment of pure, unadulterated bliss. An “I can’t believe this is happening” kind of joy. An, “I can ride like the wind with total freedom” kind of hilarity.

From my “dirty window” I’m learning a lot. How much I’m like those sweet little children crying, screaming, hurting, squealing, playing…like them I’m learning to trust, to take steps toward dependence, to know I’ll be ok if something goes wrong, I need to follow the path laid out before me without a trying to take a shortcut, to find joy in the simple pleasures of life – and to pull in close to Jesus because He’s right here.

And, I’m a great fan of their stellar parents. Such sweet kids.


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