296 : Thru A Dirty Window – Becoming Great

Maybe it’s the high altitude, but there’s something about being at CSU, being around wonderfully gifted people that pulls at the quest my personal quest for greatness.

So, I began to read through the gospels, to set my sights a little higher, and to fill my heart and my mind with Jesus instead of you-know-who. Everything about Him is utterly amazing. I’ve read Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and three times I’ve read the accounts of  those closest to Jesus wondering about their own greatness. Who’s going to sit at His right hand once He’s ruling the kingdom? One mother felt her sons deserved the spot. A few others argued on this point. This disciple, over a thousand years later, found comfort.


C.S. Lewis wrote: “The sense that in this universe we are treated as strangers, the longing to be acknowledged, to meet with some response, to bridge some chasm that yawns between us and reality, is part of our inconsolable secret. And surely from this point of view the promise of glory becomes highly relevant to our deepest desire. For glory means good [rapport] with God, acceptance by God, response, acknowledgement, and welcome into the heart of things. The door on which we have been knocking all our lives will open at last…then our lifelong nostalgia, our longing to be reunited with something in the universe from which we now feel cut off, to be on the inside of some door which we have always seen from the outside, is no per neurotic fancy but the truest index of our real situation…At present we are on the outside of the world, the wrong side of the door…but all the leaves of the New Testament are rustling with the rumor that it will not always be so….”

As I read this I was drawn to Jesus and moved to worship. Every longing and desire in the now is ultimately met in Him, and will be fully realized in the not yet.




One thought on “296 : Thru A Dirty Window – Becoming Great

  1. It seems as though the Lord really has you on a journey this summer. Looking forward to some good talks in Ft. Collins!
    Much love to you,

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