313 : Thru A Dirty Window – Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary

I just registered for “Advance The Church 2011.”

I go to a lot of meetings, a lot of conferences, a lot of planning sessions all in an effort to “Advance The Church.” And, I often wonder, what caused us to lose the power that made Christianity revolutionary? Why does the body of Christ appear so lethargic and distracted? Oh so often it seems like our focus, even in Christian missions, is all about something other than Jesus.

During my time with the Lord this weekend I prayed for wisdom on this very topic. Even though I’m in my 50’s I still have a great sense of God’s call. I often feel hard-to-contain zeal for the cause of Christ and the gospel. As I processed all of this with the Lord I wrestled. I want to invest my talents and I long to bear fruit for the Kingdom. I’m over halfway finished living my life on earth – I want the next several years to count! Oh give me the wisdom Lord to recognize Your voice…and the discipline to listen.

I know I can carry the banner of the gospel in such a way that Christ is exalted whether I’m grocery shopping at the Shiloh Glen Wal-Mart, sitting in planning meetings, or visiting staff and faculty on campuses around the country and the world. I so want to keep God at the center and the gospel as the motivation.

Here’s what they say about Advance The Church, and here’s why I’m going:

Gospel: Is it possible that the reason the Church has lost its credibility and prophetic voice is that its Christians no longer believe the Gospel? The Gospel turned the ancient world of the Apostles on its head. It transformed the most unlikely of people into fervent ambassadors for God, while making enemies of both the secular and religious establishments. In contrast, the Church in many places today has become a part of a dying tradition that neither challenges the culture nor attracts the skeptic.  Even in movements founded on Biblical truth, a pervasive legalism and moralism has eclipsed the explosive power of what God did for the world in Christ. There is only one thing that can restore the revolutionary power of God to the Church: the Gospel. The Church is in a moment of crisis. The Gospel is our only hope!


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