315 : Thru A Dirty Window – Today’s Troubles

Life as we know it is fleeting. Cities and towns that once existed in places like Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee have been wisked off the map in one fell-swoop. So sobering!

I find it easiest to keep going about my little life than stop and take in the horror and devastation I saw on the news last night. I don’t want to think about what that must feel like…I prayed a few feeble prayers, but felt helpless and so selfish. I’m glad it wasn’t me – how terrible is that to say? Yet, I was so inspired by those who stood bravely atop splintered pieces of what once stood tall as home and vowed to “get through it.”

Jesus said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of it’s own.” The longer I live the more this exhortation makes sense to me. I find it very easy to worry about tomorrow, I don’t have to try because it comes naturally. I worry about Bob. He’s almost 59 and could die. Lots of people do at his age. Sometimes, if I don’t hear him shuffling around downstairs, I wonder if he breathed his last and I’ll find the shell of his body slumped on the floor.

I worry about my earthly influence. Does my contribution to the body of Christ matter? As I turn 52 will my contribution lessen, will I be relegated to a nice comfy rocking chair looking out over the gulf coast in south Florida? I imagine myself, misty eyed and nostalgic, telling stories to underwhelmed listeners, over and over, about the ministry at the University of Texas before there was Facebook, and Russia when it was still the Soviet Union…on and on I’ll go.

I worry about my family – my nieces and nephews who are growing up in a crazy period of history. Will they grow to love Jesus? Will God protect them from harm? How much will they have to pay for gas?

I could prattle on.

This morning, in one brief moment as I read the Word, I was reminded: “Today has enough trouble of it’s own.”

One day at a time.

I don’t know, nor will I ever know, what tomorrow holds. Live for Jesus with abandon today.


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