Thru A Dirty Window – Bowling

I’d have never made it as a professional bowler, in fact I barely make it as an amateur.

Nevertheless, Bob and I gathered my UNC girl’s study with his Duke guys group together tonight and played three rounds (or is it lanes, or lines, or feeble attempts?) It was really fun. We all started on a level playing field. We “high-5’d” whenever someone smacked a strike or scored a spare (more often than expected), and collectively groaned over gutsy gutter-balls (more often than not).

My arm and back aches, but I’m glad I went.

And, as I drift off to sleep I wonder who invented bowling?


One thought on “Thru A Dirty Window – Bowling

  1. I hope you drifted off to sleep well, knowing that Sam would look on Wikipedia and tell you “The earliest most primitive forms of bowling can be dated back to Ancient Egypt” 🙂

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