322 : Thru A Dirty Window – Do You Glee?

Glee, it’s all about high school, right? Mean girls, comparison, love triangles, and (this might make you blush) a whole lot of sex. Granted, sex in the 21st Century is a lot more complicated than when I was a girl, but that’s not really what I want to talk about.

I’m drawn to Glee because of the music and the talent. But, I’m often taken aback by the off-handed way the writers handle some of the most serious issues we all faced in high school. I remember all too well! Insecurity, comparison, conflict, and compromise ruled my days, and I regularly faced moments when I had to make life-changing choices. And believe you me, bursting into song wasn’t an option.

But, I can’t help but think of the number of women I talk to who deeply regret decisions they made it high school, they still believe lies they heard in the girl’s bathroom back in 11th grade. I counsel women who, long after graduation, grieve losing their virginity with some careless guy. Do you know how many girls in high school have abortions? The scars are deep and real. So, let’s sing about it?

If I look at Glee through a dirty window I might decide to turn it off. In fact, I might say it portrays me as a bigoted, narrow-minded, uncompassionate nincompoop. I might notice how it makes a mockery of my faith and pokes fun at my Savior.

But, if I look beyond the now into the not yet, I see it as an opportunity for a deeper conversation. Squeezed between the shallow and ridiculous are opportunities to talk about identity, morality, and ethics. Crammed into the lockers of William McKinley High hides the reality of brokenness, the longing for real love, the pain of heartbreak, isolation, and loneliness. And, even though Sue Sylvester’s take on praise and worship (as seen in last week’s episode) is grossly twisted, the truth is, Jesus really and truly is our one true friend.

He came to seek and save Losers Like Me.

Sing it with me!


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