327 : Thru A Dirty Window – Hindsight

Deep in the heart of Texas, 25 years ago, several waves of young women attended the University of Texas and got involved in CCC. Over the course of six years of ministry at the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em Horns) the Lord threaded their lives into the fabric of my own.

While they persevered through classes, homework, and everything else they were involved in, I’d meet with them in the Texas Union once a week to talk about boys, ministry, boys, and life. I still remember their faces as we sat together at thick, wooden, square, sticky tables that hugged the crowded hallway. Many a serious conversation took place in those hallowed halls, and the Spirit of God worked miracles in all of our lives. We logged a lot of hours together on campus sharing the gospel, studying the bible, and wading our way through life. I know they saw me as their “discipler” but they had as much (if not more) impact in my life.

So, thanks to the internet most of us have kept in touch, and I’ve been fortunate to see many of them every few years over the past 25. I’ve been blessed to watch their lives from a distance as they grow and learn, and trust Jesus with marriage, families, ministries, health, and many of the ups and downs of life.

Just yesterday over soup and salad at La Madeleine’s in Austin, six of us met for a few hours to catch-up, reminisce, and laugh as we reflected on those amazing years together. They’re all in the throws of raising teenagers, thinking about their kids attending college, and turning 40 (and then some). Finally, they’re catching up with me. I know I’ve said it before, but boy does time fly.

I was in my mid-20’s during our UT days, and in the midst of a thriving ministry on campus Bob and I hoped to start a family. I lived very much in the now as we endured infertility testing, fertility drugs, the whole nine-yards. It was challenging to try and grasp God’s plan, to trust Him by faith when babies didn’t come, and to look beyond the dirty window. Whew! Those were character building years, and the Lord used the UT women to build the framework of my faith.

Bob and I never did have children of our own, but in hindsight the Lord had a different family in mind for us, and it started way back at the University of Texas. Yesterday we had a family reunion and a little glimpse of the not yet.


One thought on “327 : Thru A Dirty Window – Hindsight

  1. Thanks for sharing, Cas. This was a great reminder to me, especially today, of the blessings God puts in our lives even when we don’t yet see the deepest desires of our hearts come to fruition. So much of your story resembles ours, and your example of faith spurs me on. We are experiencing that “different family” and will continue to surround ourselves with people who will also allow us to get a glimpse of “the not yet” since that is truly what life is about. It’s just so hard to remember that when you’re smack in the middle of some of the deepest sorrow and heartache. You are a blessing to many!!

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