328 : Thru A Dirty Window – What About Mary?

I’m participating in “40-Days of Worshiping the Lord Together” with my work colleagues and anyone else who wants to join in, starting tomorrow, March 17. Check out http://www.ccci.com/40-days.

The first ten days focus on “Intimacy, and as I’ve prepared myself for these 40 days I’ve found myself drawn to Mary – you know, Martha’s sister.

Mary has always been the supreme example of someone who did “right and best thing.” In fact, it was Jesus who first commended her for sitting at His feet. Then there’s Martha, “worried and bothered about so many things.” We all shake our heads, waggle our fingers in her face, and try really hard not to be like Martha.

As I type, to be quite honest, I’m worried and bothered about a lot of things right now. I’m woefully just like Martha most of the time.

Yet, as I contemplate this little passage in Luke 10, I wonder. What are we really supposed to take from this interchange? Is Jesus saying, “Don’t be like Martha, be like Mary?” Is all the hubbub really about Mary?

What compelled Mary to drop everything? What so riveted her attention that she shirked her womanly duties to stop and listen?

Jesus! (I know! Why have I missed this for so many years?)

I read Luke 1-10 today and followed His journey from Nazareth to Bethany (Mary’s hometown). All along the way He performed God-sized miracles, extended forgiveness to every kind of sinner, rebuked the very important religious leaders, spoke with such kindness and compassion that everywhere He went people marveled at His teaching. The news of this incredible man spread like wildfire. His reputation preceded Him, so by the time He reached Bethany Mary was all ears. She had the opportunity to experience Jesus up close! She could sit right at His feet and watch God’s Word fall from God’s lips.

Mary couldn’t help but sit at His feet. She’s mentioned a few more times, and I’ll save a few more thoughts for my next blog. But, one thing I love about Mary – she listened. The news from the grapevine got her attention so she was ready when Jesus passed through. She is marked out in scripture as a woman who understood, perhaps more than anyone else, the depth of the Gospel.

So, let’s pray as we enter into a time of worship, prayer, and fasting, that we’ll be taken in by Jesus, attentive to His presence, responsive to His Word.




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