325 : Thru A Dirty Window – Rest. Rest. Rest.

“Rest. Rest. Rest in God’s love. The only work you are required now to do is to give you most intense attention to His still, small voice within” (Madame Jeanne Guyon).

I’m a terrible “rest-er”. Even when I have down time I’m doing something. Reading, playing solitaire on my iPad, writing a letter, blogging, texting, doing laundry, making ice. Actually, the fridge makes ice, but like clockwork I hear cubes of frozen water falling into the plastic bin. The fridge, like me, never rests.

Today, during our usual Saturday morning coffee-chat, Bob exhorted me (this time for positive reasons). I’d been bemoaning my shortcomings, twisted motives, dark heart, prideful attitude, etcetera, etcetera, blar-de-blar. He smiled and told me he loves me just the way I am (the words to ‘our song’) Not because I keep his underwear drawer full, but because he just does…love me. Amazing. Sometimes I take his love for granted…until he says things like he did today. I realize, again and again, I can rest in Bob’s love. And, I do.

Resting in God’s love is something I’ve been learning about for a long time – I’m hard-headed in certain areas – this one in particular. I can rest in God’s love. Not because I lengthen my short comings, or unwind my motives, paint over my dark heart with a more cheery color, or try to humble my pride, but because He made the first move.

He sacrificed everything for me (and for you). He loves me (and you) just the way I am. So, instead of taking His love for granted or believing it has something to do with my activity, I’m resting and paying a little more attention to His still small voice within…it’s faint, but the more intensely I listen, the louder the love song becomes.


One thought on “325 : Thru A Dirty Window – Rest. Rest. Rest.

  1. My husband and I met in Campus Crusade in 1977. Small world.
    Our song is also I Love You Just the Way You Are:)
    Your blog made me cry the other day…not because of what you said but because of your heart. I don’t know how to explain what I miss but thanks for hungering after Him so much and then letting me read it. I don’t feel so lonely now.
    Thanks .

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