332 : Thru A Dirty Window – A Day in the Life

Bob and I spent the day at Stanford University with a colleague and a variety of professors here and there throughout the day. Each represented the best of the best in their field of study – Biochemistry, Material and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Law.

Over lunch we listened as two profs lamented how the poor economy has affected (or is it effected?) their research. Much like missionaries, research professors have to raise money to fund their work and pay their salaries and the salaries of the grad students who help them. Who’d-a-thunk?

Every few weeks this group of men and women gathers to encourage each other in the Lord. It was so encouraging to hear a young professor share how she recently explained the gospel to one of her students. During all five years of my college education I never once met a Christian professor…what a ministry these profs have!

Today Bob and I joined in and discussed an article on Naturalism versus Christianity. We chatted about teleology, ontology, and a variety of other “ologies”, along with consciousness, free-will, and morality. I looked up all of the unfamiliar terms in the dictionary ahead of time, and was relieved to learn that they did too! My brain, weak as it is, stretched almost beyond repair, rested at the end when we agreed that God is beyond and above, Creator and Sustainer.

As we gazed down Palm Drive, marveled at the beauty and message of the Gospel etched in the stained glass windows of Memorial Church, and dodged students riding their bikes while texting, I thanked the Lord for men and women who love the Lord and serve Him in the academy.



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