333 : Thru A Dirty Window – Travel in the Now

We’re in Phoenix on our way to visit colleagues in the Bay Area. I just choked down a Wendy’s Single (with way too much mayo) while Bob hunts for Starbucks. Funny how Starbucks tastes eerily like burned ashes after awhile-especially in airports. Not that I’m complaining. Travel in the now has it’s perks…ummm…three bags of peanuts? Barely enough legroom for even Skinny Marinny me? At least Southwest doesn’t charge for luggage. Go SWA!

As I fly the friendly skies I do enjoy watching the human race. Scurrying hither and yon (I’m reading Harriet Beecher Stowe), harried, weary travelers, eyes glazed, arms laden with stuff. Today I’m toting wrapping paper, my winter coat, and a pillow.

We all have somewhere to be.

I saw a 70ish year old woman wearing at t-shirt: Cancer Sucks. I wondered where she was going, and could tell that where she’d been hadn’t been easy. I was reminded, as I dodged roller bags and elbows, that each lovely, haggard, wrinkled, freckled, ivory, ebony, short, tall, round, square, man, woman, and child is created in the image of, and is deeply loved by, the God of the universe. Most don’t even know it. Isn’t that tragic? I love it when I get the chance to tell someone.

So, until heaven, it’s long travel days, lukewarm fast food, and heavenly sunsets through an airplane window.


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