340 : Thru A Dirty Window – Phones & Sinners

Hi. I have a ravaging headache and I can’t wait to crawl in bed. But, before I do here’s my musings for the day.

Over two months ago I upgraded my phone. I use the term “upgrade” loosely. A more accurate description of my experience goes like this: I started with an Intercept (a Sprint Android). I had problems, it didn’t work. I was driven mad – tried to remain calm – was given a new Intercept. I had the same problems, I was given a third Intercept. It didn’t work, I was offered a Transform. Just days after receiving the Transform the battery died – kaput. Got a new battery. Now, today, ten days later, my phone died – TWICE. I emailed my friend Jeff at the local Sprint Store and conceded defeat. I’m done with Sprint. It’s been a long road. I’ve been more than gracious.

One word: iPhone. Or is that two words? two syllables? Whatever. Give me Apple.

I digress.

If I look at this situation through a dirty window all I see is imperfect technology that I want to smash it into itsy bitsy pieces. I can’t make calls, progress is hindered, life’s put on hold. I go insane. Bob’s wife becomes a stark-raving lunatic.

Or, I relish the silence, and hear God’s voice in the stillness. Novel idea. I drove to my UNC small group earlier tonight, to a brand new location without GPS, without text messaging, without a phone to call for help. Amazingly, I found it. Not surprisingly, the girls weren’t worried about me. Low and behold, I made it home and never, not even once, needed my phone. Glory.

During our time in the Word we took a minute to look at a woman in Luke 7…I don’t know her name. The Scripture reveals only this: She was a sinner. He welcomed her. She was so overcome with Him, so enthralled by His love and forgiveness all she could do was weep. Her tears spilled over His feet, and she used her hair to brush His tear-drenched feet with fine perfume.

In that moment, while we read, my phone woes faded.

I, too, am a sinner forgiven much by a beautiful Savior. Even though my head still aches, my phone’s still D.O.A., I’m headed to bed feeling deeply loved…forgiven…free.


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