343 : Thru A Dirty Window – Let Down

In the now we’re always going to be let down. RTP-Fitness let me down Thursday when CJ the Boot Camp Man was a no-show. I made an appointment for a personal training session because He promised to help my scrawny, weak arms. I scrambled to get there, and was left to treadmill my way to cardio-vascular health. One consolation, I’m using a free pass.

I spend more time on the phone than any normal person should, and my left arm is killing me from holding the phone to my ear. So, I decide to simplify my life, give my left arm a break, and buy a Blue Tooth. Why, oh why do I think technology is going to make my life simpler? My friend Jeff, at Sprint, told me, “It’s easy! All you have to do is…la dee da.” I called him this morning and you know what he said? “Are you going to be out and about today?” Translated: I have to go back to the Sprint store.

While on vacation a month ago I bought the cutest red purse. It has a huge red flower on the front – you know the kind that’s popular right now. So cute. It is literally disintegrating before my very eyes! Granted, I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on it, but pah-leeze! Can’t it last longer than a month?!

You see, this is life through a dirty window. Life on this earth is full of let-downs and disappointment. Often much, much greater disappointment than what I write about today.

The apostle Paul penned these words in what we might call The School of Hard Knocks: “For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look, not at the things which are seen and temporal, but at the things which are not seen and eternal.”

Ultimately, CJ won’t be the last person to disappoint me. In fact, I’m reminded that I’ve disappointed my fair share of people lately too I’m sure. The Blue Tooth will most likely work and serve me well, and will eventually break. And, even my best purses won’t stand the test of eternity. (I do love purses…and perfume.)

What’s intriguing and attractive about Jesus is that He wants us to press into Him now, in the momentary, light, affliction. He’s very present, full of love, and possesses a great transforming power called the Gospel. All of the eventualities of life prepare us for something far greater, something far beyond all comparison. The Bible says it’s a “hope that will never disappoint.”

So, I’m going to use what’s left of my Saturday and take a deep breath, abide in Jesus, and lay my burdens down at His feet. Oh, and connect my Blue Tooth to my phone.


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