345 : Thru A Dirty Window – Shafts of the Glory

The problem with living in the now is distraction. I’m surrounded by distraction. An Android phone, iPad, computer, television all compete for my attention, let alone daily life, Facebook (which has become part of daily life), living and breathing friends, and my husband (whom I love to spend time with). With every good intention I plan to clear away space to listen to God, to pray and read the Word, but I’m drawn to that email I need to send, or the new App I want to download. How often do I miss the sweet splendor of His presence? I don’t even want to know.

What I love about God is His dogged pursuit. Every day, if we pay attention, He invites us into His presence. He reveals Himself in what C.S. Lewis calls Shafts of the Glory. Beams of glory spotlighting Him, His presence, His creation. Last night, on my way home from RTP-Fitness, the moon filled the eastern sky. It was huge and bright and beautiful! Ah, a glorious shaft of His glory.

In the not yet His glory will be all around.

I’ve been praying, these days, about a particular situation that evokes great frustration for me. I tend to look at all it’s broken pieces from my own perspective. How does the brokenness effect (or is it affect) me? What can I do to pull the pieces together? But after spending time with Jesus this morning, I’ve begun to pray that He’d give me eyes to see shafts of His glory of God. I’m praying that what I consider muck will instead be a conduit for His glory.

By the way, I worked my abs and glutes last night. And, I met “C.J. The Boot-camp man” whose going to give me some exercise tips later this afternoon. I wonder if we’ll have to exercise in heaven?




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