348 Posts – Anticipation

I spent the afternoon with, at the risk of sounding cliche (especially to us Jesus followers), a bona fide prayer warrior. In my lifetime I’ve not met very many. But this man of God relishes standing in the gap. He’s in tune with the Spirit and looks forward to the King’s return with very obvious anticipation. He told of a past event when he had the privilege of interceding for a group of missionaries, all day, everyday for 14 days.


With light in his eyes he relived that day – how he prayed for each need, specifically and carefully, and watched God answer immediately and incredibly. He told me today, “I decided then and there to never go back to the same ol’ way of prayer. I was forever changed.”

My friend lives in the now but he longs for the not yet.

We sat in a quiet room discussing worship, the Spirit, and truth, seeking the Lord’s guidance related to a job we’re called to do. We watched the boiling winter sky slow to a simmer. The fierceness faded, and three stripes, gray, blue, then white, lined the horizon. “God speaks to us through creation,” he said, “if we’ll just stop and listen.” I caught a glimpse, it flickered across his face: anticipation. Listening to him, gazing out that window, I wondered, “What it will be like when Jesus comes back, riding on a cloud?”

In the not too distant future I hear a trumpet call…can you hear it too?

I sit here tonight blogging because I made a commitment to write something everyday, and I’m keenly aware. As we lay down our distracting stuff, lift up our wandering eyes, hold out our hands to surrender and receive, we’ll see He has something for us now, and promises us something far greater in the not yet.



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